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      Index > Product Center > Surgical > Prosert Preloaded IOL

      Prosert Preloaded Aspheric Blue Light Filtering IOL

      Simplified implantation, avoid IOL scratching and secondary infection;
      UV& blue light filtering
      Product Description

      Product Parameters:

      Product Model


      IOL Material

      Hydrophobic acrylic

      Optic Diameter

      6.0 mm

      Overall Length

      13.0 mm

      Theoretical A Constant


      Optimized Constants

      Ultrasound biometry  A=118.8

      Optical biometry  A=119.2

      SRK/T      A=119.2

      SRK II      A=119.6

      Haigis      a0=1.50, a1=0.40, a2=0.10

      Hoffer Q    pACD=5.69

      Holladay    sf=1.95

      Holladay II  ACD=5.69

      Barrett     LF=2.0, DF=2.5


      Biconvex,  obvious posterior   convex, high order aspheric

      Haptic Design and Angulation

      Modified “L”loop, 1.5°

      Light filtering

      UV & blue light filtering

      Optic Power Range

      AQBXL22  Diopter: -10.0D~+30.0D , 0.5D   increments, suggested incision size 1.8~2.2mm

      AQBXL24  Diopter: -10.0D~+36.0D , 0.5D   increments, suggested incision size 2.2~2.8mm


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